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Dive The World Newsletter

October 2005 Contents

Well we hope you have all coped okay without having had a Dive The World newsletter since March to comfort you through those long weeks on dry land. But fear not - here we return with lots of tales from the deep for you to chew over at work when the boss isn't peering over your shoulder:

  •    New destinations - Fiji
  •    Burma Banks safari
  •    Fiji shark diving
  •    Creature feature - sea turtles
  •    Medical - headaches and diving

New Website Sections

Firstly, we are delighted to announce the birth of Dive The World Fiji after a long and difficult gestation which saw our guys touring around these beautiful Pacific islands checking what's hot and what's not. Some of what we saw wasn't so great - so we don't sell it. Other spots were simply awesome - so we do! That's how much we love you. Shark diving in Fiji is one of our featured articles so be a chum and dive in.

Other news, and we have some more excellent diving options for you. SMY Shakti - is added to our Indonesia site. This very reasonably priced liveaboard, run by a bunch of impossibly good-looking European guys, tours around the amazing (and diver-free) waters of Raja Ampat in West Papua and is well worth a look.

So you want to dive in the Sipadan - Mabul area but you want that little bit more luxury - something for your non-diving partner, an outdoor Jacuzzi, a Spa, a resort on its own island? OK, OK we hear you. Check out this little beauty - The Reef Dive Resort - Mataking - talk about a romantic diving destination!

Laughing All The Way To The Banks

Renowned underwater photographer Marcel Widmer takes us for a look through his viewfinder up the west coast of Thailand and into the remoteness of some of Myanmar's finest dive spots such as The Burma Banks and The Mergui Archipelago. Allow his expert eye to show you the wonders of these secluded and magical waters. Diving at the Burma Banks...

Finding Yourself In The Middle Of A Shark Feed!

You've seen the pictures: a couple of guys handing out fish scraps to big brutish sharks of various species and other big healthy fish join the throng hoping for some rich pickings. But what is it like to be there? Our very own intrepid dare-devil Sheldon Hey gives us an account of his experience in Fiji and his thoughts on both his increasing heart-rate and the possible environmental effects of this adrenalin-pumping activity. Shark diving in Fiji...

The Sea Turtle!

Few creatures evoke the same mixture of fondness and fascination as the turtle. Although they come in various forms, all turtles display characteristics of intelligence, curiosity and grace that all divers admire. Do you remember the first time you saw a turtle under water? Have you ever dived somewhere where they are in abundance? Could you tell an Olive Ridley from a Hawksbill? Find out more about these fascinating and endangered creatures here. Diving with sea turtles...

Headaches When Diving

You are very lucky if you have never experienced any headaches underwater or after re-surfacing. Headaches and diving unfortunately go hand in hand, but some divers seem to experience them more often than others, occasionally to the point where they decide against diving due to the ensuing pain. However here we look at some ways to reduce the likelihood of experiencing headaches when diving, leaving you free to enjoy the beauty without the beast in your head. Dive headaches...

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