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A Look at What's Coming Up

Considering a scuba diving vacation some time soon? Let us whet your appetite and give you a few gems of wisdom to help you decide where to go.

It’s high season in the Indian Ocean

Thailand, Burma and the Maldives are all blessed with the rich warm waters of the Indian Ocean and right now is high season in these 3 excellent destinations.

Diving in the remote waters of Burma

Similans liveaboards operate from October to May so now is the time to act. February to April is the best time for whale shark and manta ray sightings. Make it happen now if you were thinking of treating yourself to a Thailand liveaboard. It is also the ideal time to think about diving daytrips or diving courses if you prefer to stay in a Thai resort or hotel on dry land.

Similarly, Burma is hot right now! If you want to sample the underwater delights of the Andaman Sea but would rather go somewhere remote and stay away from the crowds of Thailand, then maybe a Myanmar liveaboard is the choice for you!

Now is also the time to be thinking of booking your Maldives liveaboard. The northeast monsoon (winds from the northeast) runs from the end of December to May. At this time of year the skies are blue and the lack of wind means the seas are calm. It is also normally the period with the best overall visibility. With increased currents, reef sharks gather in large numbers at the channel entrances on the eastern side of the atolls. Mantas are drawn to the western sides because plankton flows out of the channels, into the open sea at this time.

Heavyweights of the Americas

Socorro, Mexico’s top dive spot is at its best between November and May, when calm seas determine the liveaboard season. Whale sharks are most commonly sighted in the first month or 2 of the season. Around the turn of the year over a thousand humpback whales visit the area to breed and calve. Manta rays can be seen all year round. If you haven’t considered giving yourself the gift of a Mexico liveaboard, then maybe now is the time!

Galapagos needs no introduction. Although whale sharks are what many people yearn to see in the Galapagos, many others are of the opinion that January to May is the time to go! This is the time with warmer water and air temperatures and the diving is a lot easier. This period seems to produce better sightings of creatures other than the whale shark, including a greater chance of mantas and the highest quality hammerhead encounters. Check out your Galapagos liveaboard options.

Cocos Island, the world-famous Costa Rican scuba diving haven can be dived all year round. If you book a Cocos liveaboard for some time between December and May, you will enjoy calmer seas and high visibility of over 89 ft (30m).

Komodo Dreaming!

Komodo Island, the legendary home of the dragons of lore is a dive destination par excellence, particularly between November and February. So consider a liveaboard around the Komodo National Park , if you are looking for somewhere awesome to go in the short term. This is the best time for manta sightings and for visibility, so you can see plenty of those vibrant, colourful reefs.

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