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PADI Dive Propulsion Vehicle Specialty Course

Soaring through the water with a dive propulsion vehicle is like flying through space - you will have to experience the thrill to believe it!

PADI Dive Propulsion Vehicle Specialty Course with Dive The World

Just imagine diving on a sunken wreck 18 metres down, the water is warm and clear, a great day for diving. Although the wreck is too big to tour the entire length in a single dive when swimming, using a dive propulsion vehicle, you can cruise its length up the starboard and back along port, no problem at all. No need to kick/fin when using a scooter. You even have time to stop periodically to check out the winch, peer inside the hold, take photos, and so on.

You can explore more of the wreck because you scooter faster than you can swim, but also your air lasts longer because you aren't working as hard. If there's a current running, your dive will be significantly longer than it would have been swimming.

Upon returning to the boat, you learn that another diver had dropped her prescription mask off the dive platform. Whoops! Not being able to see can take the fun out of a trip. After a reasonable surface interval, you and your buddy can use your DPVs in a search pattern over the bottom behind the dive boat. Not only do you find the mask, but you also have enough air and bottom time remaining to cruise over to the wreck again - that never would have happened without underwater scooters.

Your DPV programme will include 2 open water scuba dives, which may be conducted in only 1 day. The first dive allows you to practice basic vehicle handling skills and the second requires you to plan and perform a typical DPV dive within recreational diving limits.

You will receive a Diver Propulsion Vehicle Manual and watch the Diver Propulsion Vehicle video. Also during the programme, you'll cover the knowledge and techniques used when diving with an underwater propulsion vehicle. Topics covered in the PADI Dive Propulsion Vehicle Specialty Course include:

  • The planning and organisation of dives, and how to deal with potential problems and hazards of diving with a DPV, including lost-buddy procedures
  • Specialist equipment considerations including battery care, maintenance and precautions
  • Proper handling procedures for:
    • Avoiding propeller entanglement
    • Dealing with vehicle failure or a runaway motor
    • Performing proper descents and ascents
    • Determining an appropriate turnaround point
  • Techniques to avoid harming fragile marine life
  • Techniques for entering and exiting the water with a DPV – whether from shore or from a boat

You must be at least 12 years old and an Open Water Diver or higher to enrol in this course. The DPV elective dive from the Adventures in Diving programme (Advanced Open Water Diver or Adventure Diver) may be counted toward the certification requirements of this specialty. And the programme is a perfect natural fit with the Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty course.

Course Details

Number of Dives: 2

Duration: 1 day

Price: Courses price list

Location: This programme is available at our 5 Star Dive Centre in Phuket, Thailand.

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