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Dive The World Newsletter

Contents: September 2007

What's going on in the tropics, where the sun is shining and the seas are clear and warm? Set aside your 'To Do' list for 10 minutes and have a quick look at what scuba vacations we have in store for you ...

We have tales of filming sharks and humpback whales underwater, interesting facts for women divers, all you ever needed to know about seahorses, a trip report from the Similan Islands, where you simply know you want to go, and much more ...


  •    Introducing our new website: Dive The World Liveaboards
  •    Hot News for Malaysia - prices slashed both for all seasons
  •    Dive The World Travel Club
  •    New products in the Dive The World range: new boats galore!


  •    Could you be an underwater cameraman? Have you got what it takes?
  •    Women in diving - all your questions answered
  •    Read about Sheldon's recent Similans liveaboard trip
  •    Creature Feature: Seahorses

Diving News

Dive The World Liveaboards
Dive The World is excited to announce a new departure for us, which is a website dedicated solely to liveaboards:

Over time we will be looking to add new liveaboards in the best diving destinations around the world. Look out for liveaboard cruises in the Maldives, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea coming soon. Check out all the new website features, such as:
Liveaboard Departures Calendar: See what trips are leaving on your preferred dates.
Trip Reports: Read our first hand reports of the boats and the diving.
Groups and Clubs: See the best deals around for your group.

Hot News For Malaysia
2 amazing things are happening to make diving in Malaysia more affordable for you. First, many resorts are now offering low season prices for diving in Sipadan, so you can go there in low season for a lot less lolly, but still enjoy some fabulous diving: 14% Discount at Borneo Divers Mabul Island Resort and 10% Discount at Kapalai and Lankayan.

Secondly, we at Dive The World are running a temporary special offer for diving in Malaysia, where you can make big savings on Sipadan Island, Lankayan and Layang Layang if you book before the end of September 2007. Cheaper than the resorts! Take advantage of these great offers while they are still around: Sipadan - Malaysia prices slashed!>

Dive The World Travel Club
There are still a few spaces left for you in our very first travel club trip to be run in November 2007 will include the following:

  • Welcome dinner in Phuket restaurant
  • 4 days and 4 nights on a Similan Islands liveaboard trip
  • 3 nights accommodation in a selected Phuket hotel
  • 1 day's sea canoe trip around the beautiful limestone islands of Phang Nga Bay
  • Dive The World diving accessories for each guest
  • Return transfers from the airport to the hotel

Sounds like something you would like to join? Then act quickly because spaces are limited and it is 'first come first served'! Join us and let's make it happen. Find out more about the Dive The World Travel Club trip ...

New products
We are constantly revising and updating our range of products to make sure we always offer the best quality options for each price range, and there have been some changes you should know about.

Our Similan liveaboard line up has seen some new additions:
MV Black Manta: A brand new steel-hull deluxe Phuket liveaboard.
MV Giamani: A new mid price Thailand dive boat from the operators of Colona VI.
MV DiveRace: Black Manta's little sister arrives as the cheapest en-suite option.
MV Jazz: A low budget Similan Islands and Burma boat - a little gem.

We have other new liveaboards to announce too, such as in Indonesia:
MV Mermaid II: Brings its renowned quality to the waters of Komodo new this 2007 season.
Adventurer II: A new luxury liveaboard operating in Raja Ampat and the Banda Sea.

And not forgetting another great option for Fiji:
Fiji Aggressor II: The second Aggressor in Fiji, a deluxe catamaran, new for this season.

Have you Got what it Takes to be an Underwater Cameraman?

We have all watched documentaries on the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet, and enjoyed those awesome images that bring the underwater world into our living rooms. But have you ever thought about the guy behind the lens? What a life! Working in dream destinations where the diving is breathtaking and being paid for it. Could this be the best job in the world? Could you do it? Gavin Macaulay tries to find out by talking to Scubazoo cameraman Roger Munns.

Filled with tales of sharks, Mola Mola, and watching rugby with David Attenborough, read the full interview: The life of an underwater cameraman ...

Women and Diving

A little something for the ladies out there! Diving is very much a sport that can be enjoyed regardless of sex, but the reality is that we are different. So what aspects of scuba diving do women need to pay attention to that men don't?

Periods, curves, hair treatment issues, DCS - all you ever needed to know about women in diving, but were too afraid to ask. We get the lowdown for our scuba sisters: Women & diving ...

Similans Liveaboard - a Recent Trip on the West Coast Explorer

Thailand's high season is getting underway and you just know that there is a lot of great diving out there waiting for you. At Dive The World we always try to tell it like it is, whether for deluxe cruises or low budget trips, so we sent our own west coast explorer, Sheldon Hey on a trip to check out a boat that you can book without paying through the nose.

See how he rated the crew, cabins, food and find out how he lost his pants here: West Coast Explorer trip report ...

Sea Horses

Seahorses are among the most loved and photographed of marine critters, but how much do you really know about them? Find out how the males, yes males, give birth, what they have that no other fish has, and exactly how many of them are consumed needlessly by humans each year.

Approach the sea fan and scour each inch for everything you could possibly want to know about this most mysterious and fascinating fish: Sea horses ...

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