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Dive The World Newsletter

September 2008 Contents

Let us be the first this season to tell you... Christmas is around the corner!

It's true, Christmas is a mere 3 months away. So, take a leaf from our Fiji early bird specials and start formulating your holiday-and-gift-giving strategy early. Then you too can avoid the stress of those last minute arrangements.

Also check out our new Banda Islands section, plus our new liveaboards and resorts for your diving scuba diving holiday pleasure in the New Products section, and get those wish-list juices flowing, or use it to plan your escape during or after the mad Christmas / New Year rush. If you're visiting Phuket, drop in on Dive The World and meet the people behind great dive holidays - yes, unlike Santa, we do exist.

In this newsletter you can also indulge in a host of articles we've prepared for your reading pleasure, so let's get stuck in with a brief overview of what September's Dive The World Newsletter has in store for you:


  •    Fiji Early Bird Offer - 5% off if you book before November!
  •    Dive The World's Brick-and-mortar shop in Thailand
  •    Banda Liveaboards Section
  •    New Products:
    •    New liveaboard in North Sulawesi: MY Liburan
    •    New Mabul resort Sipadan Water Village


  •    Are you too fat to dive? What those extra kilos mean...
  •    Muck diving - A report by our dirtiest reporter, Gavin Macaulay
  •    The Maldives' Princess Haleema - Daniel Galt tells it like it is
  •    Creature Feature: Clownfish

Diving News

Fiji Early Bird Offer
To help you celebrate the start of Fiji dive season, we're giving you 5% discount on any of our Fiji diving holiday options. Choose your diving experience from either the plush line-up of Fiji resorts, or lose yourself on a diving safari aboard an amazing Fiji liveaboard.

Zip over to the Dive The World blog for more info about this offer and then act fast to cash in on this great deal, because remember, you have to book and pay before 31 November to qualify.

Dive The World's Brick-and-mortar shop in Thailand
The ocean is rife with creatures of myth and fantasy. Dive The World, being more legend than myth, has an actual shop in Phuket, with a brand new location in the same development as Club Andaman Beach Resort.

In fact, if you stay at the Club Andaman Beach Resort, not only will we introduce you to the thrills of diving gratis, but you will also be given a 10% discount to use as you see fit at our Dive The World Dive Shop. We have everything the diver needs including equipment, courses, Thailand dive trips and liveaboards.

Banda Liveaboards Section
Our customers just can't get enough of Indonesia's breathtaking diving, so with you in mind we relentlessly researched and inspected the diving treasures of Indonesia, and unearthed a gem of a destination in the Banda Sea.

Get a first hand account of what could be discovered in Banda or check out your liveaboard diving options, just follow our wet foot prints...

New Products
Your choice of quality scuba diving holidays keeps on growing as we offer you an ever increasing range of dive safaris and resorts.

The latest addition is to our Indonesian liveaboards. The very affordable MY Liburan plies the vibrant waters of North Sulawesi and packages start at US$ 1,530 per person for a 9 day 20 dive liveaboard diving safari.

Or, if you prefer a terra firma based dive holiday, do get acquainted with the Sipadan Water Village, the newbie in our dive resort section. Packages include a 9 day 20 dive diving bonanza from as little as US$ 2,020 per person. Get the skinny on this resort...

Are you too fat to dive? What those extra kilos mean...

The bulging truth is that for most of us: with age comes fat. This is the course of nature. What isn't quite chartered by nature is the pandemic of obesity that is affecting vast numbers of the world's population.

We know that obesity affects our quality of life and our health, so we ask ourselves, every time we jiggle our flabby bodies into our wetsuits, what is the effect of fat on our diving? Dive The World attempts to get a (love) handle on obesity and diving...

Muck diving – A report by our dirtiest reporter, Gavin Macaulay

From the slightly damp and distinctly mucky pen of Gavin Macaulay comes this article, which, as you will discover, sheds light on that misunderstood appreciation of the finer and more bizarre marine creatures to be discovered when muck diving...

The Maldives' Princess Haleema - Daniel Galt tells it like it is

Exploring a remote atoll chain, taking on numerous sharks and allowing himself to be pampered silly, Daniel Galt went to reporting extremes to bring you this suspenseful tale of underwater action, extensive luxury and all the exotic indulgence you can stomach.

Read about his exploits and how you too can submerge yourself in an equally illustrious dive safari, in the Princess Haleema trip report...

Creature Feature: Clownfish

It doesn't juggle, it's not particularly funny and it can't ride a unicycle. Yet, the clownfish has many millions of fans, thanks in part to the movie Finding Nemo, which brought this colourful inhabitant of the sea anemone mainstream attention.

Still, the animated movie only scratched the surface of this orange-finned fish, so Dive The World dove a little deeper to unearth some really interesting facts about Pixar's favourite fish. We take a behind the scenes look at clownfish in this month's creature feature...

Payzip Closure a Financial Fraud?

It appears that the closure of the financial company Payzip may have been a deliberate deception by its owners and directors in order to escape legal obligations to repay its customers, including Dive The World. Read more...

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